Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Universe Parameters

What are universe parameters?

Universe parameters are definitions and restrictions that you define for auniverse that identify a universe and its database connections, specify thetype of queries that can be run using the universe, and set the controls on theuse of system resources.

You define universe parameters from the Universe Parameters dialog box (File > Parameters) when you create a universe. The database connection is the only parameter that you must manually select or create when you create a new universe.

You can modify these parameters at any time.You can define the followinguniverse parameters:


Universe name, description, and connection parameters and information. These are the parameters that identify the universe.

Summary information

Version and revision information, designer comments, and universe statistics.


Indicates the strategies used by the universe. A strategy is ascript used to extract structural information from a database.


Indicates the limitations set for the use of system resources.


Indicates the types of queries that the end user is allowed to run from the Query panemodifying this parameter.


Indicates the settings defined for linked universes

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